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Freeset is a fair trade business offering employment to women trapped in Kolkata's sex trade. We make quality jute bags and organic cotton t-shirts, but our business is freedom!

We would like to see the 10,000 sex workers in our neighborhood empowered with the choice of leaving a profession they never chose in the first place.

Customizable Jute Bags - Make a statement with a customized, eco-friendly Freeset bag. A great way to promote your cause or business. Conferences and corporate events are our specialty.
Fair trade and eco-friendly - Keeping it fair. Keeping it green.
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100% organic cotton tees
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We’ve owned the Gateway building for 2 weeks and it’s already in use. Check out our latest...
I.D. cards help Freeset women feel honored and included as a part of society.
What is so special about sitting in an office and working on a computer? Priyanka of Freeset has...
Freeset Fabrics has chosen to make a difference by producing beautiful handloom fabric, where the supply chain is clean and demonstrates freedom for everyone involved from the sourcing and preparation...